About Friends Of Coal

Who are the Friends of Coal?
The Friends of Coal is a volunteer organization that consists of both Kentuckians and residents from beyond our borders. Membership is free and the level of involvement by members is at their own discretion.

Being a "Friend of Coal"
Being a "Friend of Coal" will show your love for the state. It will show that we want to keep our quality of life here.

If we all work together to make coal safer, cleaner and more usuable we'll be able to keep working here and our children will more likely stay in Kentucky as they get older, if they have good paying jobs with benefits.

We all want that!

We must get everyone who has an interest in the future of Kentucky enrolled as a Friend of Coal.

We do not want your "money", we want your personal participation.

New Faces of Kentucky Coal

Paul Bryan Horn, Jr.:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Beech Fork Processing,with oversight for other CZAR Coal Group operations.

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